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Wind Turbines

Welcome to the Wind Wise website; a collection of information about wind generated electrical energy, the costs, the community impact, the facts about the actual benefits or lack thereof, and special information for Thayer County Nebraska.



Thursday June 8th  5:30  Zoning and Planning Meeting with towns in Thayer County - comprehensive planning - Thayer County Courthouse

Thursday June 8th  7:00  Wind Power information. Come and go, starting at 7:00 - Bear-n-T's  Alexandria.

More events to come.

WIND TURBINE:  A highly taxpayer subsidized inefficient machine that uses an enormous amount of what proponents would agree is "unclean energy" to manufacture, transport, install, connect to our electrical grid, and later on to decommission, so that the coal plants and other electrical generating means have to be operated less efficient, while the turbines produce a small fraction of needed electricity for a small fraction of each year, at a higher cost, and on land that had been used to provide food for us to eat, done by companies that send most of the subsidy money to other countries and thereby putting America further in debt and increasing inflation, while at the same time causing local drought, higher food prices, ill health, and adverse living conditions to local residents, and animals.

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