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Paradise Destroyed - Gregg Hubner - 133 pages

The Wind Farm Scam - John Etherington - 198 pages

Dumb Energy - Norman Rogers - 136 pages

Wind Turbine Sydrome - Nina Pierpont

Windfall - Laura Israel - DVD 83 minutes


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FREE MONEY ?  Basically, the "Free Money" proponents talk about, is like taking 3 dollars out of your son's piggy bank, without telling him, and giving him 1 dollar back to allow you to place an ugly, annoying object, in his room. 

Then you give 1 dollar to China, keep the 3rd dollar, and tell your son the 1 dollar you gave him is FREE MONEY.

YES, all the FREE MONEY promised by wind companies is OUR money, taken from US !

         We will pay for it with higher taxes and more inflation.

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